Webseite der Marke Jörg Heinz der Jörg Heinz GmbH & Co. KG, Neulingen/Germany
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Always different – but always me!

Individual adornment on highest level, this aspiration is characterized by Jörg Heinz like no other jewellery brand. Founded in 1968 in Pforzheim as a studio for pearl jewellery, Jörg Heinz is now one of the most modern and innovative manufacturers in Europe.


Caused by the revolutionary invention of the modern interchangeable jewellery clasp by the founder Jörg Heinz in 1974, a necklace can easily be transformed. The jewellery wearer may alter her look steadily, adapting her personal style for any kind of fashion or any occasion. The first variable jewellery system was born and made the family-owned company Jörg Heinz famous worldwide.


Today, in second generation, run by the brothers Martin and Lars Heinz, the manufactory surprises with always new and refined artists of transformation and precious keepers of a secret in form of changeable pieces of jewellery.


These are produced with great passion for perfection and design exclusively “made in Germany”. The variability of Jörg Heinz jewellery allows the wearer to benefit from a maximum of individual design flexibility and displays her in ever new facets. True to the motto: “always different, but always me”

Brief History

  • 1968 foundation by Jörg Heinz
  • 1974 invention of the interchangeable jewellery bajonet clasp
  • 1974-2005 advancement of the clasp
  • 2007 move in the new manufactory
  • 2009 invention of the “Mystery Sphere”
  • 2010 invention of the “Magic Pendant”
  • 2011 invention of the “Janus”
  • 2012 invention of the “Companion”
  • 2013 invention of the “Revellion”
  • 2014 invention of the “Mystery Ring”
  • 2015 invention of the “(e)motion collection”
  • 2015 invention of the “Trias Ring”
  • 2016 invention of the “Mystery Sphere petite”
  • 2018 Swing Collection
  • 2018 Flooow Collection
  • 20018 Flooow Bridal & Wedding
  • 2019 Swing Boho, Classico and Nature
  • 2020 Swing Pure
  • 2021 Swing Boho XS
  • 2021 Flex Brancelets
  • 2022 Mesh Ring


  • J&F Jewels and Faces 2007 – 3rd place
  • Jewelers’ Choice Awards Winner 2012
  • Pearl Grand Prix 2013 – 2nd place
  • Schmuck Award “Luxus” – 3rd place
  • Jewelers’ Choice Awards Finalist 2013
  • Jewelers’ Choice Awards Finalist 2014
  • Winner Couture Award “Editor’s Choice” 2015
  • 2nd Winner Couture Award “Peoples Choice” 2016
  • Couture Awards 2019 Winner Best in Platinum
  • Jewelers’ Choice Awards Finalist 2020